Birthday Tea Tasting Evening




We invite you to come celebrate our second birthday, on Friday 30th August.


It's hard to believe the Tea Bar has been open for nearly two years, we really do have the best customers so we'd love it if you'd come along and celebrate with us.


As we're celebrating we've decided to make this a special one, so we're featuring a number of tea cakes (tea leaves pressed into a round cake), your choice of tea cocktail (yes there'll be alcohol involved) and we'll even bake something nice.


We'll be exploring four different tea cakes:


2009 aged Bai Mu Dan - this is a firm favourite in the tea bar, it turns a white tea from delicate into something more auntumnal and soothing, with earthy sweetness.


2018 Taiwanese Sheng Pu'erh - an exciting new style of tea using old tree Taiwanese leaves processed in the pu'erh style. It tastes of sweet candied plums with a freshness that will remind you of a Taiwanese oolong.


2006 aged Da Hong Pao brick - whilst not technically a tea cake, this punchy tea has mellowed over time giving sweet caramel notes that balance against the rich smokiness and plum notes in a young Da Hong Pao.


2005 aged Jin Damo Sheng Pu'erh - this is a highly sought after tea that has been aged for 11 years in dry storage, allowing the tea to retain a large amount of its original character. Produced from ancient tea trees, from between 500-800 years old, it is a vibrant and fresh tea with complex notes of wood, camphor and a long plum-like fruitiness. We only have a small sample of this wonderful tea and we are excited to share it with you, but it will be your only chance to try it with us.


As normal, places are limited to just 10 people, so don't delay booking your spot.


Prices - £15/p

Start Time - 7.00pm

Finish Time - 9:00pm 


NB - to book more than one spot, all you have to do is click add to cart for however many places you need.


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